The LCA of Beverage Cartons – an eco-friendly beverage packaging

Beverage cartons have very low CO2 emissions, are easy to recycle and provide excellent protection for their contents from oxygen and light. In addition, they weigh much less than glass bottles and consist largely of a renewable material.

Beverage Cartons LCA
Highly recyclable: Beverage Cartons

Learn about the entire life cycle of the beverage carton. This ecologically advantageous packaging performs equally well in terms of life cycle assessment for juices as reusable glass bottles. For milk, its result is even better – as an official Life Cycle Assessment, provided by the reknowed German ifeu Institute Heidelberg shows. This LCA was also approved by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). The life cycle assessment scientifically examines the environmental impact of various beverage containers throughout their entire life cycle.

Our film shows why beverage cartons produce comparatively little CO2 during their life cycle – from its beginnings as a small tree to the recycling of the pulp fibres, plastic and aluminium. For more information feel free to browse around our website.

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Another Video – How beverage Cartons are recycled in Germany

Have a look on our other English language video about recycling of beverage cartons in Germany. See, how the paper is recyceled and get to know our Palurec recycling factory which turns a plastic-aluminium material mix into marketable raw materials, which leads to make beverage cartons highly recyclable. Just follow this link.